Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Black & White

The Jabra DRIVE has one of the simplest and most intuitive designs for a Bluetooth car kit. It features a single speaker, a single omnidirectional microphone and only three buttons – two for volume control and one to activate voice commands. The simplicity of the design means that you'll spend more time with your eyes on the road, driving safely instead of searching for the right buttons. However, the simplicity also means that it lacks many features you'd find in the best Bluetooth car kits. 


The Jabra is a pretty bare bones affair, but that’s not a bad thing – especially for something that is used in the car. the Jabra Drive clips onto your sun visor and can be moved to either side of this visor so that it is accessible to you.

  • Tap the Answer/End button to answer a call
  • Tap the Answer/End button while on a call to end the call
  • Tap the Volume button (+) to raise the volume
  • Tap the Volume button (-) to lower the volume

The Jabra DRIVE has a simple but intuitive design that features one microphone and one speaker. However, it lacks HD voice call quality and an effective echo cancellation system. So while the vocal commands and simple design allow you to keep your eyes on the road, it lacks the call quality that you'd find with the best Bluetooth car kits.

Call Quality

Call quality was really great with this speakerphone. It was loud, clear and I had to turn down the volume. The combination of sensitive microphones and built in noise cancelation made voice transmission very clear.

Callers on the other end said they could hear me and not road noise or much of anything else except my voice.

The added bonus to this speakerphone is that since you can pair multiple devices, you can have your GPS and your phone paired at the same time. Or, you can send your music via Bluetooth from another device as well. Sound quality when sending music to the Jabra Drive was not bad – certainly better than through a headset or the phone’s speaker. 

Voice Dialing

Voice dialing on your Android phone is initiated by simply hold down the Answer/end button until you hear a beep.  The Jabra Drive will then say “Speak now.” Since the Jabra Drive simply uses your built in voice dialing, any command supported by your phone can be spoken into the headset.

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Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Black & White

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